Discover why mushrooms have been viewed as medicine for thousands of years

Did you know that mushrooms have been used for thousands of years for their incredible health-promoting and medicinal properties?

There are thousands of edible mushroom species in the world and approximately 250+ of them have been identified as having healing properties.

East Asian traditions and Indigenous cultures have always embraced mushrooms to treat all manner of ailments and now Westerners are recognizing their nutritional and medicinal superpowers for the body, mind, and even the spirit.

Dr. Christopher Hobbs, internationally renowned author, herbalist, botanist, mycologist, research scientist, and faculty at the University of Massachusetts, believes that by incorporating mushrooms into our diets fresh, cooked, or as dried adaptogens we can help prevent and transform a myriad of debilitating issues.

On Wednesday, August 11, Professor Hobbs will share the scientifically supported benefits of making mushrooms a part of your daily regimen. He’ll tell you the ways that this fungi can strengthen and fine-tune your immune system to help stave off cancer, prevent heart disease, keep bones healthy, improve digestion, aid cognitive function, and much more.

You can register here for Mushrooms as Medicine: Discover the Science-Based, Practical Benefits Mushrooms Add to Your Diet, Healing Regimen & Spiritual Evolution:

In this free one-hour workshop, you’ll discover:

  • Ways to incorporate mushrooms on a dietary, medicinal, and transformational level
  • The incredible immune-boosting properties and normalizing properties of mushrooms
  • A process for determining the quality of your retail mushroom supplements
  • How a greater consumption of mushrooms can lessen the threat of most cancers by up to 33%
  • The ways mushrooms can literally help save the planet they can filter drinkable water, clean polluted soil, act as a compostable replacement for styrofoam, and much more
  • The ways in which fungi are essential for healthy growth and communication of all plants, including trees for the restoration of forests

Over the course of this 60 minutes, Christopher with great passion and insight will reveal the power of mushrooms as medicine how they’re safe, with negligible side effects, and very inexpensive (and sometimes even free if you’re willing to hunt them yourself) to procure.